Aimex Water Filter Dispenser 16L Bonus 2 White Filters

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With NEW 8 Stage White Water Filters for Additional Protection against Sunlight Total 3 White Filters The New Faster Filtration Dome: Stops the propagation of bacteria and germs.

Activated Carbon: Removes chlorine, Trihalomethanes (a result of chlorination which is associated with cancer), organic chemicals, unpleasant odours and taste. It transforms tap water into clean and purified water.

Bio Ceramic infrared balls: adjust the water to an optimum mild alkaline level and energizes the water molecules. An extra layer of activated carbon to enhance taste and add to the purification process.

  • Specifications:

    Box Size 33 x 33 x 34 cm
    Net Weight 3.5 kg
    Gross Weight 4 kg
    Stone Maifan stone
    Components of Filter KDF, activated carbon, Infrared Mineralised, Red Mineral Ball, White Mineral ball, Activated Carbon, Red Mineral Ball, Ceramic Plate
    Water Flow 0.3L/min
    Hard Plastic Material BPA Free

8 Stage Water Filter

    • Replace and Restores: Natural trace minerals required by our bodies such as iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and iodine
    • Gradually releases these mineral substances.
    • Removes the Rubbish: Rust and organic sediment particles and stops propagation of bacteria.
    • Removes Chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, heavy metals, iron, nickel, mercury and arsenic, bad smells and taste, bacteria and parasites e.g. Giardia.
    • Easy installation: Soak Filter in water for overnight, wash under warm water(not boiling water) for 10 min till all black discharge comes out from finest quality of charcoal.
The elements present in water give it the distinct taste. Before filtration, along with taste, tap water may also have some odour. During the filtration process elements like Chlorine, Fluoride and heavy metals like Lead, etc., are all removed out, and hence the distinct taste formed due to these elements is neutralised. 

In our water filters, along with filtration, remineralisation also takes place in which important trace minerals are added back, balancing the pH of the water to slightly alkaline, which is better for the body. This adds slight taste to the filtered water. 

According to us, our filtered water has an almost neutral taste or a very slight taste due to the added minerals, but it definitely does not taste like chlorinated or contaminated water, and that’s how it should be. 

While most people love the way their water tastes on filtration, please note that taste is an individual preference and may vary based on personal choice. While we give you the reassurance that water filtered with Aimex water filters is pure and healthy, and the taste is what majority buyers consider as ‘tasty’, please be advised that as filtration is a defined process there is nothing we can do externally to change the taste if you prefer it otherwise.

It may happen that when you first switch to drinking filtered water, you may feel the difference and it takes some time to adapt to the new taste. Knowing that it is good for your health makes it tastier.

Orders from WA & NT takes 7-10 Working days to get delivered.


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