Stackable Thermal Insulated Lunch Box 3 Layers Bento Box Stainless Steel Food Container

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Stackable Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag stainless steel Food Storage Containers BPA Free Green

Australian Brand: Mari

Are you sick and tired of spending money on buying ready-made unhealthy food?

This multi layered lunch box with bag is a great solution for preparing meals for ultimate versatility.

With 3 food containers and 3 small plates, you can use this portable bento lunch box for various meals and snacks without them mixing all together. Supreme quality and thoughtful design combined.
Lovely colors and shapes make your food look more tempting.

Safe and Durable The cute lunch box is made of food grade stainless steel interior and high quality plastic exterior, BPA free, non-toxic, no rust and super durable, you can enjoy your meal without worry.

Unique Design This stackable lunch box mainly has 3 layers, adding 3 mini bowls is equal to 6 layers, keeping food separated and organized; Smooth surface, mirror polished, easy to clean.

Freedom to Combine The stainless steel lunch box is designed to be stacked, you could freely combine them into 1, 2 or 3 layers lunch box to facilitate the storage of different amounts of food.

Leak Proof Each layer of this cute lunch box consists of a plastic cover, a sealed silicone ring and a food container, you can pack your favorite soup without any worries.

Easy to Carry With this super practical lunch box and flatware set, you can always enjoy healthy, homemade meals everywhere; Pack a fresh salad, fruits, carrots or any snacks in this stacking lunch box, perfect for working personnel or students.

Features of Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Lunch Box
Features of Stainless Steel Thermal Insulated Lunch Box
Multi-layer design. Customise your lunch box to use 1, 2 or 3 layers at a time. Buy less , own more. There is no need to buy many different sizes. Need a snack box for your child? Pack one layer! Need a entire days food? Take all three layers 3 TIER FOR CHOOSING We provide this cute lunch box set in 3 capacities(1-3 layers), you can choose a perfect size to hold and carry your food out. Or just choose a big one then separate use 1 or 2 or 3 container as you like at a time when you need. Perfect 6-layer design allows you to provide yourself and your kids with a decent meal of controlled portions with main course, salad, fruit, pasta, soup and even dessert, all nicely packed in this lunch box container. Stay fit and healthy, enjoy homemade food with lunch containers!

The stainless steel lunch box has 3 layers, they all have a separate lid, just like a small plate, adding 3 small plates is equal to 6 layers. You can freely combine them into 1, 2 or 3 layers as needed. Super easy to use the stackable lunch box, also practical.

Thermal benefits. The double-walled vacuum insulation will keep your food warm for 2-3 hours and cold for even more! Food can be kept warm and cold simultaneously at different layers! Adding SPECIAL DESIGN the lunch bag is felt with foil designed, which provide double insulation, your food can be 4-6 hours warm and fresh. Also equipped with detachable hand strap, invisible dishes on every layer, a 2 in 1 bowl & cap for outdoor use. The bento lunch box with insulated bag usually keeps hot food warm for about 3 hours, this will be influenced by the local temperature. It can also be used for cold food.

Leak Proof. Each layer of the food jar has a silicone sealing interface which would avoid the soup or liquid leaking. Please make sure you have fully tightened each layer otherwise it will leak. With MARI lunch box, you could pack whatever food you want, Salads, Snacks, Pasta, Nuts, Curries, Rice, Noodles. It could keep the food fresh for a long time. To ensure the leak- proof effect, please do not use the lunch box for holding the liquid above 40 degrees. The 3-layer lunch container has good leak-proof performance, which can really prevent leakage. You can pack your favorite soup with confidence. (Please note that the small plates are not leakproof or insulated, but they can be used for dry food or thicker sauces.

Healthy Lifestyle. Best way to make sure you eat healthy food is to have it ready when you need it! And MARI Lunch Box Just does that.

Built to last. Made of 100% BPA free stainless steel healthy, durable, & easy to clean.

Easy to Carry This lunch box has a handle and comes with a lunch bag. The shoulder strap of the lunch bag is adjustable in length.

So you can carry it more conveniently.

Please note that this item is not designed to use in dishwasher and microwave oven.

Cleaning: Use mild detergent, soft cloth or warm water. Do not use bleach, chlorine or metal wire ball


The origin of bento can be traced back to fifth century Japan, when it was developed for people to take a simple meal with them to work. The word bento is actually derived from a term meaning ‘convenient’, an adjective that is still very relevant to its use today. The portability, ease of cleaning and divided compartments make it still as brilliant and useful today as it has been throughout the ages! Now it’s the kids’ turn to organise their lunchtime eats and we’re certain that the bento box is perfect for school lunches, picnics and road trips.

With four different compartments, Bento Lunch Box has plenty of room for their favourite lunchtime treats and allows them to pack a variety of foods. The compartments are individually sealed when the lid of the lunch box is closed and the leak proof seals make it suitable for wet foods too like thick yoghurts and dips but not liquids. The clip closure makes it easy to open and lock securely whilst the hinged lid design makes it really easy to handle as well as preventing the dreaded lost lid! The bento box includes a bonus removable divider which allows you to create an additional sub-compartment (sub-compartment not leak-proof), for those times when even more variety is needed.

As well as being BPA and Phthalate free, the bento box’s innovative design allows for the inner tray and inner lid to be removed for easy cleaning and drying! How easy is that? Just remove the inner lid and tray and throw it in the top shelf of the dishwasher. The compartmentalised design also promotes a healthy and balanced meal and the reusable design supports a waste-free environment–no need for cling wrap and packaging!

We’ve even thought of how the kids will carry around their lunch box too! Store your Bento Lunch Box in the specially designed Compact Lunch box Bag which features a handy little front pocket perfect for cutlery or an ice block. Alternatively, choose from an assortment of other insulated lunchbox bags that also fit the Bento. All of our brightly coloured insulated lunch box bags help keep their lunch cool and fresh throughout the day. They are lined with a food grade safe, easy wipe lining, so are super practical and pair perfectly with a bento box or snack container.

The kids bento box comes in four awesome designs featuring colour schemes of mid blue, pink, lilac and black. Lunch time will never be boring again!

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